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Best LASIK in Utah

7 Things to look for in a surgeon prior to Your LASIK I have seen firsthand thousands of lives positively changed by vision correction surgery.

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Susan Testimonial; Susan is a white woman with brown hair to her shoulders, curled in towards her neck. She has bangs that swoop towards her left. She wears a black sweat and silver earrings. Behind her is Waite Vision's laser machine, blurred.

Susan’s LASIK Story

Susan came to Waite Vision to clear up blurry vision and relieve eye pain. Dr. Waite performed LASIK surgery on her, and she has loved

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Cory testimonial; white man from the shoulders up wearing a dark checked shirt and grey had in front of a large window

Cory’s ICL Testimonial

Cory came to Waite Vision to get rid of his glasses. Hear his story of his experience getting ICL, or an Implantable Collamer Lens procedure:

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