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You’ve decided to take the first step towards clear vision and are considering LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis). Congratulations, great things await you! Making the decision of owning your vision instead of renting it is the best investment you’ll ever make. It’s likely you have questions like many patients do: Will LASIK work for me? How much does LASIK eye surgery cost? Are there any risks? Don’t worry. You are about to see what you’ve been missing.

“My experience with Waite Vision was absolutely amazing! I am now seeing more clearly than I was with glasses or contacts.”

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Top reasons to choose Waite Vision for LASIK.


You’ll enjoy the benefits of your LASIK procedure for years to come.


Our LASIK pricing is all-inclusive, with no upsells or extra charges for astigmatism, high prescriptions, enhancements or eye medications.


Your LASIK investment is only $2850 per eye. A small price for owning your perfect vision.


We offer 24-months interest-free financing.


You will consult directly with our doctors to discuss your best vision plan, and meet Dr. Waite, a highly skilled refractive surgeon.


When you arrive, you become the center of attention. We are focused on you.


You receive a comprehensive personalized diagnostic eye exam and a vision plan tailored specifically for you.


If you are not a LASIK candidate, no worries; we offer other vision correction procedures.


Your LASIK procedure is performed with the most advanced technology available to correct vision.


You will have the most personable, caring staff through your LASIK procedure and follow up care.

Are you ready to take the next step in your vision journey?

Is all LASIK the same? No.

A lot has changed since LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) was FDA approved more than 20 years ago. Consider, for instance, your smartphone. It has 100,000 times the processing speed of the computer that landed a man on the moon 50 years ago. The progress of laser vision correction is no different. We use the most advanced excimer laser and technology, which are so precise they can write letters on a strand of human hair. However, all of this advanced LASIK technology is of no use unless there is a highly-skilled, experienced LASIK surgeon like Dr. Waite programming and guiding the technology.

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“LASIK technology is approved by NASA, the US Air Force, Navy, Army, & the Marine Corps for their members.”

Are you nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism?

You can be cured from any of these vision conditions in minutes with LASIK. In fact, we’ve been able to permanently correct these for many years. Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism can all be corrected. Astigmatism simply refers to an irregular shape of the cornea. LASIK corrects myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism better than glasses and contact lenses by correcting it at the source. The change you notice is immediate and will give you better vision than glasses or contact lenses.


How is Waite Vision different?

You are our top priority. You are not treated like a number, and you won’t find an assembly-line-like LASIK experience here. We focus specifically on your needs and provide great customer service to all of our patients through the entire process. If you are looking for a team that truly takes their time to listen and understand your vision needs, this is the place. Don’t take our word for it. Read what our patients have to say…

It starts with a LASIK consultation.

The cost of a consultation is $150, because we do more than a quick “LASIK screening.” Your initial consultation includes a full diagnostic workup using seven different tests and the latest technology to evaluate your eye health. After having your eyes examined, you’ll met Dr. Waite, your surgeon, and discuss the perfect vision correction surgery tailored specifically for you along with other valuable information regarding the health of your eyes. Your $150 investment then goes towards your laser vision correction procedure.

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How much does LASIK Eye Surgery cost in the Salt Lake City area?

Your LASIK investment is $2850 per eye, or $5700 for both eyes, regardless of whether or not you have a high prescription, astigmatism, or need a topography guided treatment. We are the only Utah practice to publish our real LASIK price. Invest in yourself and own your vision with LASIK instead of renting it from the contact lens and eye glass industry.


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Tired of your contacts and glasses? See what they are really costing you.

The average person spends $25,000+ on glasses, contact lenses, solution, eye exams, etc. due to refractive errors. It’s like renting your vision from the glasses and contacts lens industry. Worst of all, these will NEVER correct your vision like refractive procedures will. Use our affordability calculator and see how much you can save with LASIK.

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The elegant simplicity of Waite Vision.

Waite Vision is a work of art — featuring crisp, clean lines and abundant natural lighting with a stunning, third-floor view of the Wasatch Mountains. The moment you enter our reception area, you’ll experience the difference of Waite Vision.


What would happen if you couldn’t get your contacts or glasses tomorrow?

If you travel often, you no doubt know how frustrating it is to lose your contacts or misplace your glasses. We were thrilled to help Allyse with her adventure across the world. Traveling to a different country without the constant stress and worry of glasses or contacts will be life changing!
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LASIK questions? We have the answers.

Is LASIK safe?

Yes. It is one of the safest and most studied procedures performed on the human body with the highest satisfaction rate of any elective procedure. In fact, LASIK is safer than wearing contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses increases your risk for infection and resulting vision loss.

Does LASIK wear off?

No. Around age 47, most people begin to have difficulty seeing up close (presbyopia). This occurs whether they’ve had LASIK or not. If you are close to this age, we’ll take that into consideration in determining your best vision correction options.

Does LASIK hurt?

No. LASIK patients will not feel any discomfort during your procedure. Basically, all you’ll experience is one big light show.

How long does LASIK take?

The actual procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes per eye. Our lasers take seconds to reshape the cornea and correct your vision, depending on your prescription and the amount of correction needed.

What if I blink or move during LASIK?

Our lasers are designed to limit and also account for movements. Even if you were to cough or sneeze, the LASIK lasers will pause and resume exactly where it left off. There is no need to be concerned.

Who is a candidate for LASIK?

LASIK is an excellent procedure for you if you have reached ocular maturity (usually around age 18), have a healthy cornea, and have nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, or astigmatism.

Is there an alternative to LASIK?

If you are not an ideal candidate for LASIK, you can still achieve perfect vision! LASIK is just one of many procedures offered at Waite Vision. We offer SMILE, PRK, ICLs, Refractive Lens Exchange, and Refractive Cataract procedures.

When can I return to work after LASIK?

Most of our LASIK patients are back to work the very next day. The vision itself is usually 20/20 or better within a few minutes of the procedure and continues to clear and improve even more over the next week. 

Does insurance cover LASIK?

No. As part of your LASIK consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss LASIK costs, benefits, and financing options with one of our patient coordinators.

Can I Use My HSA or FSA for LASIK?

Yes. LASIK is a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account procedure. If your company offers a health or flexible spending account, you can use it to pay for LASIK or other types of laser eye surgeries.

Is LASIK more affordable than contacts?

Yes. Most people will spend far more on contact lenses over the years and decades than the one time cost for LASIK. It is so much better and more economical to correct your vision than to rely on glasses and contacts.

Why should I get LASIK?

If you want straight teeth, you get braces. If you want perfect vision, get vision correction. LASIK and other vision correction methods are becoming the standard for vision care. Glasses and contacts should be used during childhood while developing ocular maturity, but only rarely after that. In the future, glasses will be obsolete. Just watch Star Trek; no one is wearing glasses.

Can I wear eye makeup after LASIK?

The majority of experienced LASIK surgeons advise against wearing makeup for at least one week following LASIK. There is no ideal period to resume wearing makeup, but a week should be plenty to allow your eyes to recover and be less prone to bacterial infections and other issues.



Your great journey awaits. Take the next step.

Don’t delay — the time for LASIK is now. You’ve got one life, live it free from glasses or contacts. Our patients always ask why they waited so long after seeing what they’ve been missing. Read what they have to say…

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