Waite Vision

Rick and Chelsea Talbots, a white woman with blonde hair and white man with greying dark hair shown from the waist up sitting in arm chairs in front of the Waite Vision operating room.

Rick and Chelsea’s Vision Stories

Both Rick and Chelsea had vision correction procedures performed in the last year. Let them tell you their story.

Rick: My name is Rick Talbot. I had LASIK about a year ago.

Chelsea: I’m Chelsea Talbot. I had PRK also about a year ago.

Rick: I was wearing glasses, and I absolutely hated it. Contacts weren’t an option.

Chelsea: My vision was long-distance too. So, at night, if we were gonna watch a movie or something before bed, I had to keep my contacts in or wear glasses, and that was just annoying.

Rick: Coming here to Waite Vision, and working with Dr. Waite, was probably the best customer experience I’ve had from any company from the standpoint of when I walked in how I was greeted. They treated me like family, and they still do even now. I mean, I haven’t been here in a year, and they still knew my name when I walked back in.

Chelsea: When Rick had his procedure done, I was here. I stood at the doors and watched the whole thing. Jen explained every step to me, and I was immediately impressed. And then, hearing Rick say that he could read across the street after sitting up off that table, I was sold. I think I made my consultation appointment on our way out. We were walking through the grocery store and he would ask me, from what I thought was a mile away, if I could read that. And I couldn’t with my glasses or contacts on, and he could.

Rick: Yeah. And, like, just the clarity is still… It sounds dumb, but trees having specific, individual leaves blew my mind. I knew they had them, but seeing them was pretty incredible.

Chelsea: You still quiz me on if I see a bird, or a fish, or something, but now I do.

Rick: Yeah.