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Emily Belle Freeman; a while woman laughing, seen from shoulders up, with a tree and building behind her

Emily Belle Freeman’s Corrective Eye Surgery

Emily Belle Freeman’s testimonial video discussing her vision correction experience at Waite Vision.

Emily Belle Freeman came to Waite Vision for vision correction surgery. Here is her testimonial about her experience getting her vision back at Waite Vision:

This is my 1975 Jeep, Daisy. My name is Emily Freeman, and I’m from Lehi, Utah. And I am an author, and a writer, and a motivational speaker. I had noticed over the past several years that I was having trouble seeing far away. I love people, I love relationships. And it started getting to the point where if I would see people from far away, I couldn’t really tell who it was.

So I just was waving to everybody just in case we were good friends. Church was the same. I just couldn’t tell who was at the end of the hallway, so it started to be a little bit of an inconvenience. And I went in and tried contacts, but I wasn’t a candidate for that. You don’t realize how convenient it is to just be able to see. So the first time I walked into Waite Vision, what I noticed was how welcoming the environment was.

I knew right when I met Dr. Waite that this was something I wanted to pursue. I just love the care that I had in that moment. There were so many people in the room. Everyone had a different job. Everyone had an assignment. I laid down and they got all ready. And then it was over so quickly. I remember saying to him, “Wait, is it done? Did we do it?” And he was, like, “Oh, yeah, it’s all done.”

I was shocked how miraculous the results could be from something that was just minutes. I am four months post-procedure. And just even yesterday, I was thinking to myself how much better my life has gotten, how much easier it is to drive, to go grocery shopping, to just do the simple things that maybe we take for granted. But, for me, in the past four months, I’ve just noticed how convenient my life has become.