Waite Vision

Jade, a young, brunette, white woman is shown from the shoulders up from her right side. She is wearing a blue-grey t-shirt and green backpack, and is holding a video camera up to her left eye. She is smiling, and her hands have small scratches on them.

Jade’s Experience With ICL

Jade’s eyesight is important to her job as a wedding videographer. When she found her contact prescription being out of date was inhibiting her work, she got ICL to make her life and work easier! Here’s her experience in her own words:

So, Abby, you just, you can stay holding hands, just turn in towards him and put your hand on his arm, holding his arm like this. And just, like, snuggle in towards him, kind of. Yeah, cute! Christian, you look perfect.

My name is Jade. I live in Provo, Utah, and I am a wedding videographer.


I really like connecting with the couples. I really like getting to know people and taking pictures and videos of them.

Spin! Perfect! Yes!

I love using old cameras. I love the nostalgic look of it. But the thing that comes along with that is that you have to focus it manually. And I noticed I was having issues getting my images tack sharp. And I realized it was because my contact prescription was always out of date because my prescription was changing so much. And so, that was one of the points where I was just, like, I’m super done with contacts and glasses and all of that stuff. And I just felt like it would be almost like an investment in my job and career if I did get ICL.

My experience with the surgery was so much easier and better than I thought it would be.

They were trying to decide what prescription they were going to give me. And I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to be choosing the most focused vision. He checked it multiple times and then he had another doctor come in and check it multiple times. And they all agreed that that was the best one. And so that made me feel a lot better.

I was really worried because I had a wedding exactly two weeks after my surgery, but it turned out to be no problem at all. It was awesome. I could film and I could see everything perfectly.

Since getting my surgery, I just feel so much more confident in my ability to be able to do my job. I feel like I know that my clients can rely on me. I know that I can rely on my eyes to get the job done. I’m so happy that I did it.