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Susan Testimonial; Susan is a white woman with brown hair to her shoulders, curled in towards her neck. She has bangs that swoop towards her left. She wears a black sweat and silver earrings. Behind her is Waite Vision's laser machine, blurred.

Susan’s LASIK Story

Susan came to Waite Vision to clear up blurry vision and relieve eye pain. Dr. Waite performed LASIK surgery on her, and she has loved the results. Hear about her experience in her own words.

I’m Susan Eyre. I’m from Lehi, Utah. I had LASIK surgery done a couple months ago, and I love it.

Things were really blurry. My eyes were always hurting. I wore contacts, but they were never very clear. I always had to have readers on top of my contacts as I read a book or at the computer. It was just always just such a hassle. I never could see very clearly.

So, working with the staff at Waite Vision it has just been awesome. They’ve just been so kind, and helpful, and accommodating. Just there to answer any question that I may have. And I had a lot of questions. I was nervous, but everything was just easy. And felt good from the get-go.

And then I met Dr. Waite. He was so nice, so easygoing, so friendly. The whole experience was just so easy.

I am so excited about my new results. Before it was blurry. I had to squint and strain, and I never felt like anything was very clear. So, to have clear eyes today, it’s just the best thing ever. I would totally recommend it. And I just love my new eyes.