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Is lasik permanent

Is LASIK Permanent?

How long does LASIK Last?

When deciding to undergo LASIK, a laser vision correction procedure, many of our patients ask how long does LASIK last, or in other words, is LASIK permanent? The short answer to “is LASIK surgery permanent” is yes. LASIK is permanent. We do need to go into it with a bit more detail though for those who want to see life clearly and have freedom from contact lenses or glasses. The experts at Waite Vision are happy to answer all of your questions and help you decide if LASIK laser eye surgery is the best vision correction procedure for your vision needs.

Does LASIK surgery last a lifetime?

LASIK eye surgery is a minimally invasive eye procedure that involves reshaping the cornea with a laser which results in patients being less dependent on corrective lenses. The changes to the cornea are permanent, and the benefits of LASIK will last a lifetime for most people. LASIK can correct astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. Some LASIK patients may experience a slight regression in their vision over time as they age. LASIK enhancement surgery is a corrective surgery that can restore your vision if the results of the initial LASIK procedure start to diminish over time. One to two percent of those who have had LASIK eye surgery will need a LASIK enhancement within the first year. After the first year, these rates slightly rise by 1% per year.

As you age, natural eye conditions will develop independently, unrelated to the original LASIK procedure, and you may need a separate procedure to address these other age-related issues. The most common age-related eye problem is cataracts. The onset of cloudiness in the natural lens of the eye is referred to as a cataract. Everyone will eventually develop them from sun exposure, age changes, and many other variables. LASIK cannot prevent the natural occurrence of cataracts or the need for cataract surgery in the future.  The good news is your vision can be corrected during a cataract procedure.

So, yes, LASIK is permanent, and its effects last until other naturally developing eye conditions appear.

Will you need glasses after LASIK?

The goal of LASIK is to get you out of glasses and contacts. If you need reading glasses after LASIK, that does not mean your LASIK procedure has “worn off.” It may be a sign you’ve celebrated enough birthdays to start developing presbyopia. 

Presbyopia is a part of the natural aging process, necessitating the use of reading glasses or bifocals. This change occurs when the eye’s internal lens loses its ability to be as flexible as it once was, resulting in decreased ability to focus up close. This transition takes place gradually in your 40s, whether or not someone has undergone LASIK. It affects your visual perception.

People with presbyopia or early cataracts often find they need to wear glasses for reading or nighttime driving. These individuals are often ideal candidates for a custom lens replacement procedure or, in certain circumstances, a LASIK enhancement surgery.

The vision correction experts at Waite Vision will discuss with you in detail how the benefits of LASIK can improve your vision and your dependency on glasses or contacts after your procedure. Give our office a call today to schedule your consultation.

Can eyesight get weak after LASIK?

One of the numerous advantages of LASIK is improved eyesight. Following their procedures, our patients love having 20/20 vision and living life without glasses. Most patients report superior eyesight for a lifetime after their LASIK surgeries, and visual changes are often mild. The number one comment heard from our patients is, “I should have done this sooner!” Schedule an appointment with Waite Vision for a thorough LASIK consultation at our state-of-the-art facility in Utah.

Refractive eye surgeon Dr. Aaron Waite is renowned for obtaining some of the finest and most reliable outcomes in the region. We are pleased to serve patients from all over Utah and surrounding states from our conveniently located office in Lehi, Utah, and would love to discuss with you in person the long-lasting benefits of LASIK and why it’s a life-changing procedure we are proud to offer.


Dr. Aaron Waite is a fellowship trained, board-certified ophthalmologist and the founder of Waite Vision. He discovered his passion for ophthalmology while working as an ophthalmic technician and scribe. During this time, he witnessed the life-changing impact modern eye surgery can have on an individual’s life.