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Amber Testimonial; Amber is a young white woman with light brown hair sitting in front of the laser machine at Waite Vision

Amber’s LASIK Testimonial

Amber had LASIK to improve her vision and leave behind the need for contacts and glasses. Hear her story in her own words.

My name’s Amber, and I had LASIK surgery done by Dr. Waite. Prior to my surgery, it was just honestly just frustrating not being able to see without either contact lenses or glasses.

My job requires me to be on the computer all day, so just at the end of an eight-hour shift, it was like slabs of concrete in my eye. I was just ready to take them out. Now that I don’t have to put in contacts every day, or have to worry about grabbing my glasses every morning, it’s life-changing really.

I’m actually going to the Bahamas next week, and I’m so pumped. Like, I get to go swim in the ocean with the dolphins, go parasailing, and not have to worry about my eyes at all. So, Dr. Waite is amazing. He’s hilarious, and he’s got a level of comfort to him that I don’t feel like a lot of other surgeons do. I mean, they have a lot on their plates. They have a lot going on, a lot of patients to attend to, but Dr. Waite as well as his staff, they give you an exceptional level of comfort, and a personal level of detail that I feel like is just unreplaceable.

Honestly, the most unexpected thing has been the fact that I completely forgot I had the surgery already. It’s so incredible going from basically being legally blind to having 20/15 vision. I am beyond thrilled with my results. It’s definitely changed my life for the better.