Waite Vision

Jonathon ICL Testimonial; Jonathon sits on the right and has his face turned towards Dr. Waite, who sits on the left with his back to the camer.

Jonathon’s ICL Experience

Jonathon came to Waite Vision in Lehi, Utah to get ICL, or an Implantable Collamer Lens procedure to improve his vision. Here is his experience with in his own words.

My name is Jonathan. I had ICL done with Dr. Waite. Some of my hobbies I like doing is editing videos, film-making. Using a camera with glasses is sort of an issue for me. When I had glasses on because like looking through a viewfinder, you would have to put your face very close up. And so, glasses would just get in the way.

So, after having this procedure done, you can do that easily and not have to worry about like sort of those instances. Seeing Dr. Waite was a great experience. He basically explained everything that needed to be. The whole staff was just very friendly, very talkative, very personal as well.

I’m definitely happy with my results. It’s so crazy just to still think that I can live without my glasses now. Like, the fact that I don’t have to wear them anymore for almost my entire life now is just really life-changing.