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Cory testimonial; white man from the shoulders up wearing a dark checked shirt and grey had in front of a large window

Cory’s ICL Testimonial

Cory came to Waite Vision to get rid of his glasses. Hear his story of his experience getting ICL, or an Implantable Collamer Lens procedure:

My name is Cory. I had ICL done here at Waite Vision earlier this year. Wore glasses since I was 4 or 5 years old. The lenses got thicker as I got older, to the point, when I came in for the first time to talk to Dr. Waite, he kind of looked at my glasses and nodded. He’s like, “You know, we can do something for you about those.” He was just very casually laid back. When they finally decided the procedure, he was great at explaining exactly what the procedure would be like, what to expect right after, and so, it was just comfortable. You come in here, it’s very relaxed, and the staff are professional. They let you know what’s going on, every test you take to make sure that they’re gonna get you the best vision possible.

They’re great at explaining everything. So, you’re not coming in just going, “Why are you doing that? Why are you doing that?” They’re great at walking you through every step so that you know what to expect. Being able to travel and not having to pack a bunch of extra things and go through TSA, that alone is worth it, and that’s just a small thing. So, all the big things like if you live an active lifestyle or, I mean, you do everything with your eyes from going to the movies, to a concert to, you know, anything. It just improves your life all around. I just finished the procedure. I turned around and looked out the window. I could read buildings, you know, across the highway, which was amazing, and then, I went and sat in a room and relaxed for a little bit and, I mean, I was driving I think the next day. So, it was pretty quick. It was pretty amazing.