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If you’re over 40, there is an advanced vision correction procedure that lets you take your new vision on a test drive. The Light Adjustable Lens™ (LAL®) is the first and only lens that can be custom focused after custom lens replacement (CLR/RLE) and cataract surgery. This means you and Dr. Waite can fine tune your vision after your procedure. To get this fine tuning, Dr. Waite makes precise adjustments to the lens shape using ultraviolet light which lasts about 90 seconds. The post-procedure refinement possible with the Light Adjustable Lens makes precise vision correction possible even after the new lens in safely placed in the eye.

What is a Light Adjustable Lens Procedure?

The Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) procedure begins with either a Custom Lens Replacement (CLR), also known as a refractive lens exchange, or a cataract surgery. Both CLR and cataract surgeries follow the same fundamental process: removing and replacing your natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens implanted in its place. The key difference lies in the timing and reason for the procedure. CLR is performed as a proactive measure to correct the vision along with presbyopia, a common age-related condition that typically starts affecting vision after 40, often requiring the use of reading glasses. In contrast, cataract surgery is performed to replace the lens once it naturally becomes cloudy with age. In CLR and cataract suregyer, actual surgical procedure is essentially the same.

The key advantage of the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) procedure lies in the customization post-surgery. With a Light Adjustable Lens, it is possible to fine-tune the vision once the eye heals and your vision has stabilized. Dr. Waite can precisely adjust the shape of the lens without any further surgery. How? A Light Delivery Device is used to emit a specific frequency of light, enabling tiny adjustments to the curvature of the lens. Each adjustment session is brief, lasting 90 seconds, and is completely non-invasive. To achieve your desired level of vision precision, you can expect to undergo between two to four of these UV light treatment sessions. The ability to fine-tune the lens means you get enhanced control over your visual sharpness, tailoring your vision to your exact preferences.

Once you and Dr. Waite have your vision dialed in at the final adjustment session, the last two treatments will lock in the vision. After this, the adjustment process is considered complete, and the lens will provide stable and precise vision correction long term.

What is the Science Behind the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)?

The Light Adjustable Lens is made of a special photosensitive material. When a specific frequency of UV light is applied to the Light Adjustable Lens, it makes tiny polymers in the lens stick together. This sticking together of these moleculees precisely changes the shape of the lens. After the light treatment, the lens adjust for about half a day until the lens shape is just right. This changes the focus of the lens helping you see better, and it’s all done without any additional surgery on your eye.

Is the LAL safe and FDA Approved?

Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) technology is the culmination of many years of meticulous research, testing, and clinical trials to ensure safety and effectiveness. The LAL received FDA approval in 2017. The LAL is made of a unique silicon-based material that changes shape when exposed to a specific wavelength of UV lightof light. This material has been thoroughly tested for biocompatibility, meaning it’s safe to be implanted into the eye and is designed to provide a lasting solution for vision correction.

The precision of the lens adjustments is a result of the advanced Light Delivery Device (LDD), which controls the amount of light applied to the lens for accurate reshaping. Before receiving FDA approval, LALs were subjected to a series of comprehensive clinical trials. These trials demonstrated that the lenses are not only safe but also effective for patients, ensuring a high standard of quality and reliability.

Additionally, extensive research was conducted to perfect the surgical techniques for inserting the LAL and to establish the best post-operative care practices for patients. The most recent iteration of the LAL has a chromatic layer to protect the lens from premature exposure to UV light. All of these factors together provide reassurance that the LAL procedure is safe and offers patients a dependable and advanced option for vision correction.

How good are the results?

With the most recent published data on the LAL, 95.1% of patients were 20/20 without glasses, and 98.5% of the patients were within 0.5 diopters of the intended refraction (0.5 diopters is a tiny amount). In simple terms, 99.5% of people ended up with vision adjusted to extraordinarily close to what their doctors intended.

In an FDA study of 600 participants, individuals who underwent the LAL procedure were twice as likely to attain 20/20 vision at six months post-surgery compared to those who had standard monofocal IOL implants. (Source: FDA.gov.LAL Summary of Safety and Effectiveness. https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/cdrh_docs/pdf16/P160055B.pdf. Accessed 11 December 2017)

Are the increased cost of the LAL worth it?

We understand when considering medical procedures, cost is a significant factor for our patients. It’s important to remember that while the upfront cost of Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) surgery is an investment. The long-term benefits to your vision and overall quality of life are substantial. The LAL procedure is a forward-thinking solution that provides lasting visual clarity, saving you from ongoing expenses such as glasses or contact lenses. Beyond that, it is difficult to quantify the financial benefit clear of vision every single day. That’s priceless.

By choosing LAL surgery, you are not just purchasing a product; you are investing in a lifetime of optimal vision. The procedure’s ability to fine-tune your eyesight to a precise degree allows you to live life in focus. We strive to make this innovative care accessible, offering various financing options to accommodate your budget.

Considering the enduring value and the day-to-day improvement in your visual acuity, LAL surgery is a worthwhile investment. It’s a balance between immediate costs and a lifetime of better vision and financial savings. We’re here to help make this valuable investment more attainable for you.

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8 Benefits of Light Adjustable Lens Surgery at Waite Vision

In the realm of ophthalmology, Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) surgery stands out as a beacon of innovation. When entrusting your eyes to a surgeon, you deserve nothing less than the best. Waite Vision has a singular passion: your vision. Understanding the immense value of clear sight, we’ve invested in pioneering technology and techniques to offer unmatched visual acuity to our patients. Here are the distinct benefits of opting for LAL surgery at Waite Vision:

  1. Precision and Customization: Traditional cataract surgery and lens implant procedures use pre-determined lens powers based on eye examination and measurements. With LAL surgery the lens can be adjusted post-operatively using ultraviolet (UV) light treatments. This allows customization of your visual target—whether it be near-sightedness, far-sightedness, or astigmatism.

  2. Flexibility in Vision Correction: The beauty of the Light Adjustable Lens lies in its name—it’s adjustable. Unlike other lenses, LAL can be fine-tuned after being implanted. This means as your eye heals after surgery and, as your visual acuity stabilizes, further changes can be made to ensure you get the best vision possible.

  3. Reduced Dependence on Eyewear: With the Light Adjustable Lens’s ability to address refractive errors with unparalleled precision, many patients find they no longer need to rely on glasses or contact lenses post-surgery. Imagine waking up to a world where reaching for your eyeglasses or inserting contact lenses isn’t the first order of business. With Waite Vision’s expertise and the LAL technology, achieving 20/20 vision or better is within reach.

  4. Safety and FDA Approval: The LAL technology, developed by RxSight, is the first and only lens of its kind approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Its safety profile is robust, and Dr. Waite is well-versed in ensuring the procedure and post-operative light treatments are conducted with utmost care.

  5. Personalized Post-operative Care: After the LAL is implanted, patients undergo a series of light treatments using UV light. These light treatments, conducted using a Light Delivery Device, ensure the lens power is locked in according to each patient’s custom prescription. Dr. Waite monitors your progress meticulously, ensuring the desired vision outcomes.

  6. Safety Prioritized: All surgical procedures come with inherent risks. However, at Waite Vision, our approach to safety and risk management is comprehensive. From the initial eye examination to the final light treatment, every step is calibrated to minimize potential complications. We also make sure to educate our patients about applying eye drops and other medications to expedite healing and prevent infections.

  7. Expertise and State-of-the-Art Technology: Entrusting your vision to Waite Vision means gaining access to some of the most advanced ophthalmological technologies available. Dr. Waite stays updated with the latest in refractive surgery and is trained in using the Light Adjustable Lens, the advanced Light Delivery Device, and other state-of-the-art equipment to ensure optimal outcomes.

  8. Comprehensive Patient Support: Our Waite Vision team is here to assist you with your vision correction procedure, recovery, and healing process. From the first consultation to post-operative care, our dedicated team is here to provide guidance, answer questions, and ensure a comfortable and supportive experience every step of the way.

Light Adjustable Lens surgery at Waite Vision is more than just a medical procedure—it’s a transformative experience. With the perfect combination of technology, expertise, and patient care, we are committed to helping you see your world with clarity and precision.

In essence, the LAL procedure at Waite Vision isn’t just about implanting a lens. It’s a journey of customization, a series of fine-tuned adjustments, all aimed at gifting you with unparalleled vision. With Dr. Waite and his dedicated team, you’re not only assured of cutting-edge technology but also of a compassionate and comprehensive approach to vision correction.

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Dr. Aaron Waite is a fellowship trained, board-certified ophthalmologist and the founder of Waite Vision. He discovered his passion for ophthalmology while working as an ophthalmic technician and scribe. During this time, he witnessed the life-changing impact modern eye surgery can have on an individual’s life.