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Linda testimonial; Linda is a white, older woman with cropped, gray hair. She wears a pink shirt and a gray and red scarf. She has a small, closed-mouth smile and is looking off to the left, and Waite Vision's office can be seen behind her.

Linda’s Cataract Surgery

Linda had cataract surgery at Waite Vision to clear up blurry vision and give her peace of mind.

My name’s Linda Black, and I had cataract surgery here at Waite Vision. I was experiencing a lot of blurriness. Focusing was a real problem for me, and night driving, even day driving. I’ve noticed that I can see so much better.

My experience with Waite Vision was wonderful. I felt so comfortable here. I felt at home. Everybody was so friendly. They explained what they were doing. I didn’t have any apprehension at all. Even the day of the surgery, I felt just at ease. They had explained that it was a short surgery, that it wasn’t too long, and really what to expect. So, everything about it has been so positive and pleasant.

Now, with my cataract surgery, I’m able to do handwork better. I can see better. I can also read finer print. My vision’s checked, that I don’t even have to wear readers, so I don’t have to worry about where’s my glasses are, I’ve got to clean my lenses. It’s a world of difference, and I don’t know what I expected, but it is just so much better that I’m so pleased that I did it.