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This is probably a question you are asking yourself when considering getting LASIK. You may have had one doctor say you are a candidate and another say you’re not. Our team here at Waite Vision are committed to answering this question for you and finding if you are truly a candidate for LASIK.

Here at our office in Lehi, Utah, we focus on finding the perfect solution for your eye care as well as making you feel comfortable during your consultation and treatment. After scheduling a consultation, we will have you come to our office so we can run a vision diagnostics to determine whether you qualify for LASIK treatment. This comprehensive exam is very detail-oriented and takes a lot of mapping to decipher what treatment is best for your eyesight.

Some things we first look at when deciding if you qualify include:

– If you are in good health and whether a pre-existing condition will affect how you recover from LASIK surgery.
– You need to have consistent vision for 12-18 months. If your prescription has changed in this time, then you may need to wait until it is unchanged.
– Healthy eyes that have no infections or conditions prior to surgery.
– Sufficient thickness of the cornea is needed that is not misshapen.
– If you are pregnant, you should wait until after giving birth and your vision has returned to normal. Sometimes, your vision can change due to hormonal changes, and the medication you use may affect your unborn or nursing child.

LASIK is not for everyone, and we work to ensure that you are getting the visual treatment you need for your eyes. We may perform a number of other tests including eye measurements, corneal thickness, and a full assessment of your medical history. We want to ensure your complete safety while finding the best solution for you.

If you have questions, please feel free to give Dr. Waite and our team a call at 801-876-6000. Waite Vision will be happy to answer those for you or even set up a consultation time to help determine whether you’re a LASIK candidate today!